Teton Tent Rental Inventory & Pricing

For events of any size and in any season. All of your event tents and accessories are available from Teton Tent Rental.


Keep your next event cool and dry with our all weather tents. Contact us today for detailed pricing information

Keder Frame Tents Hi Peak Tents Frame Tents
  • No Center Poles
  • All Weather Conditions
  • 80+ People
  • Great for Medium to Large Events
  • No Center Poles
  • Striking Appearance
  • All Weather Conditions
  • 15-100+ people
  • All Types of Small to Medium events!
  • No Center Poles
  • Simple Appearance
  • All Weather Conditions
  • 15-100+ people
  • All Types of Small to Medium events
Keder Frame Tents
Call for Pricing
30×30 to 30×100
  • 72-200+ People
Hi Peak Tents
Call for Pricing
10×10 Hi Peak Tent
  • DJ’s
  • Food Tents
  • Booths
15×15 Hi Peak Tent
  • 15 People
  • DJ’s
  • Food Tents
  • Etc.
20×20 Hi Peak Tents
  • 20-40 People
20×30 Double Hi Peak Tent
  • Approx. 60 People
20×40 Double Hi Peak Tent
  • Approx. 80 people
20×50 Triple Hi Peak Tent
  • Approx. 100 People
20×60 Triple Hi Peak Tent
  • Approx. 120 People
Frame Tents
Call for Pricing
20×20 Frame Tent
  • 25-40 People
20×30 Frame Tent
  • 45-60 People

Hi Peak TentKedar Frame tentCanopy20x30 Frame tent for a wedding receptionFrame Tent

Windowed sidewalls for tents


Our tent accessories provide elegance and privacy to your next event. Whether you need to add decoration, or keep out the elements and prying eyes.

Type of Accessory Features Price
Solid Sidewalls
20 Ft. Sections
Use for Bad Weather or Privacy $Call for Pricing
Windowed Sidewalls
20 Ft. Sections
Provides privacy with an elegant look and protects your party in bad weather. $Call for Pricing
Pole Covers Elegant white pole covers for dressing uo the event Varies by Tent Size
Paper Ball Decorations Varies by Tent Size

Tent with solid sidesTent with window sides

LED Uplighting in action


The party doesn’t have to end after dark! We offer affordable lighting options for all of our tents. Find out how to shine some light on your next event.

Type of Lighting Features Price
LED Uplighting
  • NEW in 2015-30 & 50 Watt LED Uplighting
  • 16 color tones and 4 flash modes
  • Remote Controlled via handheld Remote
  • Makes Any Party Better!
$Call for Pricing
Antique Style LED String Lights
  • New in 2015! Classic Style Antique LED String Lights.
  • Low Power Consumption. Take any Event to the next level!
$Call for Pricing
Twin 75 Watt Ring Lights for Hi Peak Tents
  • Double Halogen 75 Watt Bulbs for Hi Peak Tents.
  • They connect direct to the mast!
$Call for Pricing

Antique String LightingLED Uplighting FixtureRing lights for use on tent poles


Need to provide seating at your event? We offer a variety of chair options to match your events theme and guest’s needs.

Chair Type & Color Features Price
Brown Folding Chairs
  • Good up to 250 lbs
  • Great for All Events
$Call for Pricing
White Folding Chairs
  • Tested up to 300 lbs
  • Great for Showers, Communions, & Weddings
$Call for Pricing
White Resin Folding Chairs
  • Tested up to 300 lbs
  • Great for High Class Events
$Call for Pricing
Available in Assorted Colors
  • Elegant and Graceful Look
  • Great for Any Event
Minimum Order Quantity
Fan Back Wood Wedding Chairs
Available in Assorted Colors
  • Elegant Look
  • Perfect for Weddings & High Class Events
Minimum Order Quantity

Brown Folding ChairWhite Folding ChairWhite Resin Folding ChairChiavari ChairFan Backed Chair

Farm Table


From cocktail hour, to a full sit down dinner, almost every event requires a table. We have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from.

Table Type Dimensions Price
6 Ft. Rectangle
  • Standard 6′ L x 30″ W x 30″ H
  • Seats 6 Comfortably. Up to 8
 $Call for Pricing
8 Ft. Rectangles
  • Standard 8’L x 30″ W x 30″ H
  • Fits 8 Comfortably. Up to 10
$Call for Pricing
60 in. Round Table
  • 60″ Round x 30″ H
  • Seats 8 Comfortably
 $Call for Pricing
48 in. Round Table
  • 48″ Round x 30″ H
  • Sits 4 Comfortably
 $Call for Pricing
Farm Table
  • Available for Weddings
  • Recycled Stained Wood
  • Includes Bench
$Call for Pricing
30 in. Cocktail Table
  • 42″ Middles with Bases & Tops
  • Great for All Events!
$Call for Pricing

6 Foot Table with 6 Chairs60 inch Round Table with 8 Chairs8 Ft Table with 8 ChairsCocktail Table


Full List of Linen Choices Available Here

Linen Type Options Price
6 Ft. Rectangle Table Linens
  • Half to Full Length
  • Solid Colors
Call for Pricing
8 Ft. Rectangle Table Linens
  • Half to Full Length
  • Solid Colors
Call for Pricing
60 in. Round Table Linens
  • Half to Full Length
  • Solid Colors
Call for Pricing
48 in. Round Table Linens
  • Half to Full Length
  • Solid Colors
Call for Pricing
30 in. Cocktail Table Linens
  • Half to Full Length
  • Solid Colors
Call for Pricing

Handcrafted mahogany bar

Serving & Bar

Whether you need to keep drinks cold, or a place to mix and serve cocktails, we have what you need. We offer a variety of bar and serving essentials to rent for your next event.

Accessory Type Features Price
4 Ft. Mahogany Handbuilt Bar
  • Hand Built by Our Staff
  • Stained a Deep Wood Color
  • Includes 2 Shelves & Top COunter
$Call for Pricing
  • 120 qt. Giant Marine Style Coolers
  • Double Latch
$Call for Pricing
Keg Tubs
  • Super Cooler Insulated Keg Tubs
  • Great for Kegs OR Ice & Your Favorite Beverage
$Call for Pricing

Marine CoolerKeg Cooler

Dance floor

Dance Floor

Handbuilt Beautiful Dance Floor with Medium Oak Finish.


film-596011_640Click here to view a video

Size Number of Guests Price
12 x 12 60-70 Guests Inquire
12 x 16 80-90 Guests Inquire
16 x 16 100-110 Guests Inquire
16 x 20 Up to 140 Guests Inquire

The Big Splash! Reverse Dunk Tank


Keep your guests entertained with these great games! Indoor, or out, our games are sure to be a hit at your next event.

Type of Game Details Price
Yard Games
  • Washers
  • Corn Hole
  • Can Jam
    • Frisbee Lovers Choose This!
  • Horseshoes
$Call for Pricing
Giant Jenga
  • Just like the original but MUCH bigger!
$Call for Pricing
Giant Connect 4 $Call for Pricing
Selfie Booth
  • Fun without the expense
  • Use Smartphones to Save Your Images
  • Pipe and Drape Curtains
  • Choice of 1 of 4 Backgrounds
  • Box full of fun and crazy Props!
  • Complete Set up/Takedown
$Call for Pricing
Reverse Dunk Tank
All the Fun Without the Tank
  • Bucket of Water Falls on you, not you into a Tank!
  • Garden Hose Hookup Required
  • Setup, target, balls and Training included.
$Call for Pricing

Selfie BoothWashers GameCorn Holes GameKan Jam Frisbee GameGiant Connect 4Giant Jengareverse dunk tank


Other Available Items

Make sure your event goes off without a hitch with these other essential items.

Item Details Price
  • Great for Bands, DJ’s & Ceremonies
  • Adjustable Leg Heights
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Skirting & Stairs Available
$Call for Pricing
Fire Pit
  • Make Sure the Party Goes Well Into the Night
$Call for Pricing
Patio Heater
  • Price Includes Propane.
  • Great for Warmth & Atmosphere
  • 40,000 BTUs
$Call for Pricing
Tent Heater
  • Propane Extra
  • Includes Duct Work & Thermostat
  • 80,000 BTUs
$Call for Pricing
Vinyl Tent Doors
  • Protects from the weather
  • Allows for easy tent access
$Call for Pricing
  • Keep your guests cool
$Call for Pricing

Fire pitTent duct heaterPatio HeaterVinyl tent doorsGround Fan

Not quite sure what you need? Check out our packages page for popular money saving options.

Timing for Tent Rentals:

Most rentals are for a 24 hour period. The weekend (Saturday and Sunday) counts as a 1 day rental. If our schedule requires that we set up a tent, etc. days in advance of the party, you will only be charged for the days you needed. We are flexible and don’t want to make having a party too expensive. Talk to us about your party’s particular needs.

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